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SCUBA DIVING at the Medas Islands !

This link will lead you to a gallery of pictures. I took them over the years of diving at Medas Islands. More to come...

Costa Brava, A gorgeous place!

Beside diving, the area around L'Estartit has many activities to offer.

Where is L'Estartit located?

Click here for a brief introduction of how to get to L'Estrtit and a Google link, pointing on the harbor of the beautiful village.

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    Sala Mariscal...

    L’Estartit is well known and famous for SCUBA diving at the Medas Islands.
    Non-divers can enjoy the area with lots of other activities.
    My personal favorite at night is the wonderful event location “Sala Mariscal”.
    Since 40ยด+ year visitors can listen to live […]

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